Features & Benefits

  • DETECTOR: Electrochemical fuel cell
  • SPECIFICITY: Fuel cell sensor is unaffected by acetone, paint and glue fumes, food, confections, methane, and practically any other substance found in the human breath.
  • SAMPLING: Automatic after the subject blows for 4-6 seconds. An override feature for manual sampling is provided.
  • MEMORY: Result of the last test is stored and can be recalled until the next test is taken.
  • ACCURACY: Meet DOT specifications of ±.005 BrAC up to 0.100 BrAC and ±5% above 0.100 BrAC.
  • RESPONSE TIME: Within five seconds of sampling, depending on alcohol concentration.
  • RF INTERFERENCE: Case is impregnated with RFI shielding material for RFI protection.
  • DISPLAY: Large, three-digit LED (9/16" X 5/16")
  • AUDIBLE INDICATOR: Beeper signals fault conditions and changes in instrument status.
  • VISUAL INDICATOR: LEDs are used for alpha prompting of the operator
  • INSTRUMENT CONTROL: By microcontroller
  • CALIBRATION: Automated procedure by either dry gas or wet bath simulator.
  • DIMENSIONS: 2 ½" w x 4 ¾" h X 1 ¼" d (actual size not shown)
  • POWER SUPPLY: Two "AAA" batteries
  • WARRANTY: One year, parts and labor

Ordering Information

Catalog Number Description Units of Measurements
DS45CM501 ACCUTEST Intoxilyzer S-D5

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