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LipidPlus Test System

The LipidPlus® Total Cholesterol and Glucose Measuring System offers a convenient, accurate and cost-effective way to test for total cholesterol, triglyceride and glucose levels. The LipidPlus®

LipidPlus Test Strips

LipidPlus® glucose test strips provide a quantitative measurement of glucose concentration from capillary whole blood. Samples can be taken from the fingertip, ventral palm, dorsal hand, upper arm

The LipidPlus® Professional Total Cholesterol Test Strips are used to measure total cholesterol (TC). With only a small drop of capillary whole blood, total cholesterol can be measured - an

LipidPlus Controls

LipidPlus® Professional Glucose Control Solution is used to test the precision of the LipidPlus® Professional Glucose Measuring System and to detect systematic analytic deviations that may arise

LipidPlus® control solutions should be used routinely to confirm the proper use and accuracy of the LipidPlus® System. Both normal and abnormal total cholesterol and triglycerides control

Total Cholesterol & Glucose Testing

Corporate Wellness / Workplace

LipidPlus® Thermal Paper Rolls
10 rolls per box

Mobile printer enables immediate or later retrieval and printing of your patient's lab results. Includes rechargeable battery, power adapter, interface cable and paper roll.

LipidPlus® Adhesive Paper Rolls
10 rolls per box